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Welcome to Ohana Music and Art Festival! We are beyond excited to be having Ohana Fest this time around! We have been preparing very hard to do what we can to make our audience have the most memorable enjoyable time they possibly could have while raising awareness around repopulating honeybees, sustainable agriculture and zero waste living to stop the continuation of landfill deposits! We cant get enough of this all natural Organic Vermont landscape and want it to stay that way! With Profits we are going to be building Bee Hives and donate hives to farmers and fruit fields and expand into neighboring states! Come be apart of the cause!


We have come together for the love of the people, the love of music, love of art, awareness of the need to repopulate our Bees. A zero waste enviornment and practice the use of recycling and the great bennefits that come with it!  We love to see all of the amazing upcoming artists in Vermont and the surrounding areas rock the world of Art and Music! We do our best to look at all the upcoming popular local bands including surrounding states! We will have local food vendors from local farmers markets, live glass blowing, art shows, art performances, organic farmer vendors, Bee awareness speakers, organic animal petting zoo and a community paint colaboration on a vehicle!  Come join the festivities with us put rememberance as to what we need to give back to Mother Earth!


We have activities for everyone! From Early morning yoga to late night DJ tents! So we dare you to come let loose and live life for a weekend and live in the moment and help progress the Earth to a better future! See you there! 



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